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More nuclear worries

At some point I became convinced by the fact that nuclear weapons continue to pose an existential threat to life and civilisation. It’s a classic case of so what? Because I don’t have the resources to build a bunker and I don’t believe any power with nuclear

The Curiosity Index (24.07.2018)

The always slightly sporadic CI is back after a family holiday that took us through Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and France. Is church (literally) good for you? It turns out the answer is probably yes. Post-millennial generation ‘more tolerant’ of Christianity More tolerant of fun-less

War and peace

War, at least the sort of war that is declared between nations, that involves armies and mass mobilisation hasn’t happened for some time and in the absence of such threats it would be easy to think that somehow we have got past war. That would

Why you should care about Burundi

Sixteen years ago I was desperate to work overseas amongst some of the world’s poorest people. So after one interview where I exaggerated my ability to speak French (almost none, to be honest) I found myself being posted to Burundi. As I had no real

The end of war?

How peaceful does the world feel right now? My guess is most of you would answer, ‘not very’ and with good reason. Russia has invaded and annexed a part of another country for the second time in 6 years and tensions are at their highest

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Should the UK have nuclear weapons?

Yes   2 (15%)   No   11 (84%)   Don’t know   0 (0%) Votes so far: 13 Well that’s fairly conclusive – readers of this blog are against nuclear weapons by a massive majority. That’s kind of comforting. Anyone a member of CND?

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Book Review: Jesus for President

Jesus for President is Shane Claiborne’s second book after The Irresistible Revolution. This first book has given Shane a fast track to prominence and he’s found a considerable following here in the UK with his regular trips to Greenbelt amongst others. I think Brits like