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What Betsy Willis taught me about being a family of churches

Back in the 90s the expression ‘a family of churches’ was supposed to express something different. We weren’t a denomination like the fusty Baptists or the liberal Methodists. We weren’t a State or national church like the poor old CofE. But we also weren’t a ‘network’ like those business-obsessed Americans. No, we (and by we I mean Newfrontiers) were a family of churches. Now even the FIEC in the UK call themselves a family of churches, so it can hardly be described as cutting edge anymore. When I grew up…

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Partnership for the Gospel

I’m very fortunate in that Grace Church Stockholm is not isolated or solitary. We’ve made many connections with churches around the world, but each time a new opportunity arises, what I’m looking for is partnership. In Philippians 1:5 Paul talks about ‘the partnership in the gospel’ that he shares with the church in Philippi. A few years ago I listened to PJ Smyth dig into Philippians 1:1-30 to show what this means and these are my notes. How partnership feels It feels like we are in Christ (v.1-2) It feels…

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