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Navigating cultural differences

At Grace Church God has blessed us with people from many different nations and cultures. Broadly speaking we have European, North American, South American, African, Asian and Middle-Eastern cultures (you can break those down more) which makes for an incredibly rich experience. However it all can

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The scandalous church

The early Christians mixed people from different races and classes in ways that seemed scandalous to those around them. — Timothy Keller (@timkellernyc) February 18, 2014

Islamic State, the West and church planting

Everyone has heard of Islamic State or ISIS now. They have surpassed Al-Qaeda as the world’s public enemy number one. In the space of a few short years they have catapulted themselves in to the big league of evil. The image of the 21 Egyptian

Getting used to multicultural life

I’ve never really lived in a city before. I’ve had a few months in London here or there, studied in Nottingham, a year in Bujumbura (Burundi) and travelled around a lot. So I’ve had a reasonable amount of cross-cultural exposure but travel, student life and