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How is a church on mission organised?

I’ve long been helped, inspired and encouraged by the teaching of Jeff Vanderstelt. I must have saved about 30 articles that I went through yesterday as I thought through being a church on mission. Although I’ve already collected a guide to missional communities (purpose, reasons, rhythms

Book Review: Saturate

Making disciples has always been the mission of the church yet today it sometimes seems as if we have a discipleship crisis. A number of factors have given rise to this – churches that treat members as consumers or worse customers, Christians that seem unchanged by their

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Book review: Multiplying missional leaders

Over the past few years I’ve read an increasing number of books from the ‘missional’ tribe of the church. The latest is Multiplying Missional Leaders by Mike Breen. The raising up of leaders is a constant issue for most church leaders that I’ve ever met (myself included)

Painting pictures

We’ve had a number of discussions amongst our team about how one ‘does’ church? It’s a tricky question to answer because it’s often not the right question. What we mean of course is ‘what do we do?’ and perhaps more accurately ‘what do our meetings

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What church looks like for us right now

This is how Sunday mornings look like for us right now. We invite friends over around 10:30 and we have ‘fika’ – cakes and coffee and the kids play, then at some unfixed point we gather altogether and sing a few songs together. All the

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Book Review: The Open Church

I picked up this book because it had a chapter called ‘The Feast of Freedom’ and I’m currently focusing much of my reading around The Lord’s Supper. It’s the first time I’d read Moltmann since graduating from Nottingham in 1996; and that, if this book

The hard graft of church planting

I’ve been enjoying reading John Stevens blog. He is the national director of FIEC but is also on the frontline planting a church in Market Harborough. In this post he writes about one ordinary Sunday in the life of the church plant. We were low