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The Curiosity Index (18.06.2018)

Simplicity for the Sake of the Gospel From Jen Oshman: When my husband and I sensed God calling us to plant a church in our new neighborhood, the man we consider our spiritual father had some wise words for us. “Do not get busy,” he

God’s Giant Miracle Carrots

I remember in 1999 a documentary making quite an impact in the church I attended. The film Transformations recorded instances where whole communities had been changed, it was claimed, by God. Not only had people become Christians but as a result the whole community had in

Book Review: Stepping into the Impossible

Stepping into the Impossible: The Story of Healing on the Streets by Mark Marx My rating: 3 of 5 stars Mark Marx has pioneered a remarkably simple model called Healing on the Streets (HOTS) for taking the church onto the streets. Simply show up consistently in your

The battle for healing in Britain

The battle for faith in the public square currently has an interesting twist to it in the UK. It’s not just about who can (or can’t) be married. There is a contest for the freedom of Christians to practice their faith in regard to healing.

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Book Review: When heaven invades earth

Sometimes reading books suggested to you by others proves to be a real blessing and other times it puts you into a predicament because you don’t like the book. It’s taken me a while to figure out which category this book falls into. I have

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NSCC v ASA (round 3)

Our church has been having a debate with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) about talking about healing (Round 1, Round 2). Here’s the latest: We sent the following letter to them, explaining again our position “Thank you for your letter asking us again to comply

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Healing Controversy Continues

You may recall that my church is having something of a disagreement with the ASA over a newsletter we distributed in our neighbourhood that focused on healing (you can read the original posts with links here and here). Well things have gone a little bit

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More on our healing debate…

It’s interesting to see how news of this is spreading. We’ve even made it over to Yahoo QuestionsApparently, the issue is resolved and if we formed a judgement on these responses, we would be ‘dangerous’, ‘desperate’, and possibly jailed for making such outrageous claims. Meanwhile,