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Devotional: Opposites attract

…put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity. Colossians 3:14 I’ve discovered that there’s a certain level of tidiness that I need to feel peaceful and calm in my home. Unfortunately it’s not shared by the rest of my family! One day, after

Confused: About sex

It’s easy to see signs of confusion in contemporary society, confusion over children and even confusion about sex. Pornography is rife and promiscuity is normal, is probably how most religious conservatives would sum up the zeitgesit when it comes to sex. The notion of faithfulness was exposed by the

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This kind of love doesn't exist, does it?

My Dad sent me a newsletter recently and I was struck by an illustration he used so thought I’d reshare it here (apparently it was from the March issue of Evangelicals Now but I couldn’t find the online article there but found the full story

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I no longer need to be sin-infested

“I no longer need to be sin-infested, guilt-ridden, doubtful, fearful, ashamed, dirty, stained or kept away from the presence of the most Holy One. The blood of Jesus is above the door of my heart and is the banner of my life. I have been

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Tearfund on: Global impact

I received a letter this week from Tearfund (who I used to work for) and it began with the launch of a new initiative My Global Impact complete with its own carbon calculator (for the perils of those, see this post over at Make Wealth

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Johnny the Bagger

During my talk last Sunday on following the call to love God and love people, I talked about how it takes us out to people, it makes us GO, it propels us forward and out of our comfort zones. At the end I read a