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The Curiosity Index (15.06.2018)

Machine learning predicts World Cup winner Researchers have predicted the outcome after simulating the entire soccer tournament 100,000 times. Turns out the computers know what we all know – Germany will win and on the way knock-out England. Typical. *Team of the tournament is Iceland

The Curiosity Index (05.02.2018)

Don’t Be A Shrub Some good biblical meditation from my friend Adam Belle here on Jeremiah 17. Read it and resolve in your heart not to be a shrub. Irish border after Brexit: an expert on Norway-Sweden explains how to keep things smooth It doesn’t have to be complicated,

The enduring power of real books

Ever since the first e-reader was developed people have been preicting the demise of the paper-format. Hardbacks would be the first to disappear and the paperback would follow. I wrote an article for a publishing magazine a decade ago about e-readers and e-ink and the