The Curiosity Index (22.03.2017)

Who shares the story, not who reports the news, is what counts for casual readers Because you’re reading it here, you know it’s true right? How to Learn New Things as an Adult For all my friends who love to highlight their books, I have one thing to tell you – it’s pointless. Just getting that off my chest. When I was in Syria I had a home and possessions, now I have nothing – but I have Jesus This gives a good reason to keep praying for the Middle…

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Book Review: The Trials of Theology

The Trials of Theology: Becoming a ‘proven worker’ in a dangerous business is a collection of essays from voices past and present aimed at keeping the student of theology in touch with the God who is the both the object and subject of our study. With contributions from Augustine, Luther, Spurgeon, BB Warfield, Bonhoeffer and CS Lewis the first part alone makes this book both readable and worthy of purchase. They cover the heart and soul of the student, why we depend on God’s grace, why devotions and worship matter…

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