Why I love giving through Kiva

One of the things I’m most enjoying about parenting is giving with my son Noah (he’s four and a bit). Working out how to do that can be fun and one of the ways we use the most is giving through Kiva. Kiva is a great example of using the power of technology to harness giving and generosity. Essentially it is a global network of micro-finance groups linked to Kiva who give out loans helping people out of poverty. Here’s how it works. Noah and I can sit at my…

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Kids won't want to know about giving if you don't teach them

A while ago I saw this infographic about parents and kids views on money. Take a look at the question ‘what do your kids want to know about money?’ and the responses. Conspicuous by its absence is giving. So either it wasn’t an option that the survey offered (shame on them) or it wasn’t an answer given by the respondents (shame on them). If we want to our children to know how to give, we must talk about it with them and share the adventure of giving with them. If we…

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