Hell revisited

Five years ago, the topic of hell was probably the most discussed doctrine in evangelical circles, following the publication of Rob Bell’s Love Wins. In Love Wins Bell speculated a more hopeful version of CS Lewis’ The Great Divorce. It was nearly but not quite universalism. That debate has died down but it has not gone away and nor will it. However evangelicals have mostly rejected universalism and have instead opted for one of two main approaches: eternal conscious torment or annihilationism. Neither sound good. Preston Sprinkle has hosted a number of debates on his blog about the…

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Book Review: The Great Divorce

So after Love Wins the next book I picked up was CS Lewis’ The Great Divorce. Why because Bell cites him as a source, because it seems that their views are very similar. Quite a few people have noticed this so there’s been a little rush to defend Lewis’ honour. In a panel discussion at The Gospel Coalition Tim Keller is asked, “There is one thread that says Bell is saying the same thing as C. S. Lewis. How do you respond?” To which Keller answers, Lewis was rebelling against…

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Book Review: Love Wins

So finally I’ve got here with a review of the most controversial Christian book in ages, Rob Bell’s Love Wins: At the heart of Life’s Big Questions. Be warned this is quite a long post. I’ve been wondering how to begin, how to both sum up and introduce a book that has been reviewed thousands of times already. So I’ll say this: It’s not all bad. Is he a universalist? I’ll save that answer for a bit later on. It raises questions and gives answers. Bell looks at heaven, hell…

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