Free will: illusion or reality?

How free are you? Free to choose what to watch on Netflix? Are you free to choose your height even if you are now free to choose your gender? You didn’t choose your genes whether they blessed you or cursed you – how responsible are you for the things you had no choice over? And how responsible are you if those things were a causal factor in the committing of a crime? Much of society is built upon the premise that an individual bears responsibility for his or her own…

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What could I accomplish if I didn't watch TV?

As you know we don’t have a TV and it seems I’m in good company, neither does John Piper and he has some barnstorming reasons. Here’s one of his ‘milder’ (ahem) explanations: “It is not necessary for relevance. And it is a deadly place to rest the mind. Its pervasive banality, sexual innuendo, and God-ignoring values have no ennobling effects on the preacher’s soul. It kills the spirit. It drives God away. It quenches prayer. It blanks out the Bible. It cheapens the soul. It destroys spiritual power. It defiles…

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Piper on: Money & Giving

I really appreciated this quote from John Piper: “The more sacrificially generous you are on earth, the greater will be your enjoyment of heaven. Therefore, since Jesus loves us and summons us to maximize our eternal joy in heaven, he demands radical freedom from the love of money and radical generosity, especially toward the poor . . . The reason money is so crucial for Jesus is that across all cultures and all ages it represents the alternative to God as the treasure of our hearts, and therefore the object…

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