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The Curiosity Index (16.02.2018)

Michio Kaku believes in God, if not that God If I was to make a prediction about religion in the West it would be the continued retreat of Christianity, but also a rise in deism. Michio Kaku would be a good example of a new

The Bible guide to surfing the web (part 2)

The first partĀ (written sometime ago now) of this short series covered the ‘do nots’ of using the internet. It was all about creating a good set of filters, both on your computer but more importantly in your heart. ThereĀ are plenty of things that are easily

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Book Review: Virtual Integrity

I’ve been thinking for some time about how I use the computer and the internet, it’s probably one of the biggest daily challenges I face. Not simply in avoiding temptation but in not using it as a cover for idleness or avoiding the important work