The death of the church

Todd Dildine recently did a four-part series on you guessed it, ‘the death of the church’. It’s an analysis of the American scene but I think has much wider implications. In Part 1 he assesses the landscape and sees that in America it’s not only the church that is declining but in fact community organisations of almost every conceivable sort. The collapse of the American church and the breakdown of the American community are tied together. When you take a critical look at our society you will discover that America…

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The rise and decline of faith

Much has been made recently of research that shows the world becoming both more secular and more religious. The growth of the secular or rise of the nones is expected to continue in Western Europe, America and Australia. The growth of the faithful is expected pretty much everywhere else. What are we to make of such developments and where are the promising lines of enquiry for the church?

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