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I link therefore I am (22/02/10)

Having just attended my first gay civil ceremony this caught my attention which Peter Ould gives the treatment it deserves Terry Virgo, went to Bible College with my dad, but other than that I have had little to no connection or contact with the man

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Book Review: Homosexuality and the Bible

Homosexuality and the Bible: Two Views is a debate between Dan Via and Robert Gagnon, both New Testament professors. Via takes the view that the church should affirm gay marriage, Gagnon affirms the traditional view of homosexual sex as sinful. What was interesting and surprising

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Book Review: Out of Egypt

I’m continuing to read books on the issue of homosexuality, trying to gain a better understanding of the issues involved. Jeanette Howards’ Out of Egypt is aimed at those who struggle with lesbianism and those who counsel them. Jeanette would have identified herself as a

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Completely out of step

Following my posts (here & here) on being out of step with culture a huge debate kicked off over at Dave Warnock’s blog. It reminded me of a couple of things, first that there seem to be some debates in which no one changes their

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Bonhoeffer and Gene Robinson

In an irony that perhaps only the Church of England could conjure up, the gay Bishop Gene Robinson, had his sermon interrupted by a hecklers call to repent and was rescued by the congregation singing of ‘Thine be the Glory’. You couldn’t make it up.

The Church is Homophobic

In evaluating They Like Jesus But Not The Church I concluded that there are some differences between how emerging generations in the US and UK react to the church (see here and here) as well as some similarities (see here). I think this topic has to be chalked