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The Curiosity Index (11.01.2019)

The “Judge Judged in Our Place”: Substitutionary Atonement Reclaimed A challenge here from Roger Olsen: If a person rejects substitutionary atonement I only care about two things: 1) Has he or she grappled sufficiently with the New Testament identifications of Jesus Christ with the “Suffering

The Curiosity Index (11.09.2018)

China Bans Zion, Beijing’s Biggest House Church Religious freedoms in China are coming under increasing pressure. Is Anyone Born Gay? Christopher Yuan tackles a difficult question. Who Wrote the Book of Genesis? Tremper Longman III has a crack at answering this one. A full-scale Lego supercar that

Same-sex marriage: where now?

Proof, if any were needed, that progressive politics has triumphed in the court of public opinion throughout the West came when a different court delivered its verdict on same-sex marriage. The US Supreme Court’s recent 5-4 decision extending marriage to couples in same-sex relationships is, arguably,

There’s nothing to see here

In the 80s comedy Naked Gun Leslie Nielsen stands in front of an exploding firework factory while urging the onlookers to ‘move on, nothing to see here’ who aren’t going to go anywhere. This has been pretty much the experience of evangelicals in the western church

Strong tides

It’s not news to say that western society has long since left behind traditional Christian sexual ethics. As society has changed and churches have increasingly encountered people who reject the tradition, so churches have attempted to adapt and re-evaluate their tradition. These sweeping changes have created

Out in the cold

The Western world is undergoing a sociological revolution (although Pascal Emanuel Gobry argues it is a reaction to the Christian revolution). This will become very clear to us in a generation. Values, ethics and modes of operating and functioning in society are in many areas being

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Evangelicals, gender & homosexuality: part 2

I’m not sure how many posts on this blog could be seen as prophetic, but there’s reasonable grounds for seeing this one  (written just a week ago) as prophetic. Thanks Steve Chalke. I argued that those who have a justice hermeneutic regarding the issue of