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Porn: How to talk about it & what to do about it

Pornography is a pretty ubiquitous subject on blogs these days and sadly a common one on Christian blogs like this one. It’s a significant problem and the use of pornography by Christian men (still mostly men) and women is growing not diminishing. Pornography is a big issue and a big problem. Google tried to ban it from its blog platform and then swiftly backtracked on the decision because well, lots of people like and use and look at porn a lot. This culture is a challenge to Christians on a whole number of levels and…

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Book Review: Eyes of Integrity

Eyes of Integrity:The Porn Pandemic and how it affects you is the latest book by Craig Gross (click here for a review I did a while back for Christian Marketplace magazine of The Dirty Little Secret). It pretty much does what it says on the tin, it brings out into the open the issue of pornography and the church and simply by doing that, it does the church a powerful service. It opens with a couple of chapters on how bad the problem is in the world and in the…

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