Where are all the miracles?

That question has featured in several recent stories of people who have given up on Christianity. ‘There used to be miracles but they don’t happen anymore’ they say. The implicit idea being that they never really happened in the first place. Christianity has long harboured those who don’t believe in the miraculous at all and those who mostly don’t alongside those who fervently do. What seems to be happening now is not just a shifting of camp within Christianity but a leaving of it altogether. There have always been those…

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Christian Living Church 

Questions from the pool of Bethesda

At Grace Church every Sunday we spend time studying the Bible together. We have people from all over the world and in all different stages of their faith journey. Our goal is to help people feel confident in reading their Bibles, feeling confident to ask questions of the Bible and how to find good answers. Every week (if I remember) I’ll share some of those questions and answers. John 5:1-15 is a well-known story, one woman in the group recalled how she felt familiar with the story from Sunday School but reading it…

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The battle for healing in Britain

The battle for faith in the public square currently has an interesting twist to it in the UK. It’s not just about who can (or can’t) be married. There is a contest for the freedom of Christians to practice their faith in regard to healing. Now admittedly there are significant differences within the Christian church about this, but there remains a significant proportion (myself included) who think it is perfectly reasonable to believe that God heals today. Anyway, this area has been given fresh prominence by three British MPs writing…

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