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The Curiosity Index (19.06.2018)

What the Bible really says about government Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry writes: The Bible is a tricky text to interpret. Some people think this is because it’s a grab bag of various texts from many centuries; you can make that argument, but there’s no important text from

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The Curiosity Index (02.04.2015)

Jon Matthias writes about the missing perspective on leadership If you’re church planting cross culturally here are three compelling reasons why you need to learn the language The Scandinavians remain stubbornly at the top of the happiness charts, not that you’d guess from talking to

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Completely out of step

Following my posts (here & here) on being out of step with culture a huge debate kicked off over at Dave Warnock’s blog. It reminded me of a couple of things, first that there seem to be some debates in which no one changes their

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The happiest place on earth…

…has no materialism according to this article from the BBC. Here are some interesting comments: “So what is his secret of happiness? ‘Not having to worry about money,’ he immediately replies, while picking his nose in an uninhibited way. If you asked the same question

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Money can't buy happiness…

…according to this report on BBC news. Which is, well, not very surprising actually. Instead it shows that the more technology and stuff we have the greater our anxiety and the more likely we are to be depressed. On that note yesterday I kept my

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Book Review: The Myth of Happiness

Happiness is not the same as joy. Happiness comes and goes, joy lasts. What Christians in the West tend to think of as joy is in fact probably happiness. I think that about summarises ‘The Myth of Happiness’, and it’s ok. Not great, not awful,

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A Satisfied Life

Tucked away near the end of Paul’s first letter to Timothy is a little statement that packs a big punch, Paul states very clearly that if he had food and clothing, he would be content (1 Tim 6/8) and that’s it.To be content is to