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Is Halloween a celebration of light or darkness?

This is a longer post on Halloween for anyone trying to work out what they think on this issue. Halloween is not such a big thing in Sweden as it is in the UK or America but Christians can still be confused as to how they should approach it. Is it a celebration of evil or a Christian festival that has been commercialized (like Easter & Christmas)? Is it harmless fun or is it harmful and a doorway to the occult? Probably there will be people in your church that will…

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Thinking through Halloween

Here in Sweden Halloween isn’t a big deal but it’s getting bigger as shops cash in. But wherever Halloween is present in the culture it poses a few problems for Christians and families in particular. My friend Mark Powley (Associate Rector at St Georges Leeds & author of Consumer Detox: Less Stuff, More Life) has kindly written a few answers to some common questions to help us think things through. 1: Is participating in a Halloween-themed activity like attending a demonic feast or is it more like eating food offered…

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