The Curiosity Index (27.03.2018)

Guns, Blind-spots & Idolatry In light of the huge marches in the US this week I thought this article by Matt Hosier deserved a re-post. I can see the pro-gun arguments but the thing that concerns me for my American brothers is the tendency to gun-olatry. This is obvious in the political sphere with those members of congress who refuse – almost as a matter of faith – any discussion about reducing access to guns. But it is also evident in church leaders who are unwilling to speak into American…

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How our church (doesn’t) prepare for an active shooter

Thom Rainer just wrote an article how to prepare your church for an active shooter. Thom’s work is mainly for Americans and I get that and his article is just for Americans. It’s not for Europeans, it’s not for Chinese or Japanese or Australians. It’s not for South Africans, West Africans or people living in South America. It’s not for Russians or Iranians or the Indonesians. It’s not for Canadians or East Africans. There are a handful of countries in the world it might be for – parts of ISIS…

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