The Curiosity Index (08.09.2017)

Grace Is Profoundly Existential, Beginning With the Church [Grace] does not simply explain how the Creator and his fallen creatures are brought back into communion with each other… Grace should hold us in its grip in such a way that our whole being is affected. Grace goes deeper than you think. Why exorcisms are on the rise in France Interesting that it was noticed and then written about. Finland Has a Sports Screw Loose If you and your spouse want to compete in the Wife Carrying World Championships, you must…

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A people changed by the Grace of God

At Grace Church we’ve begun a series looking at our convictions & aspirations when it comes to church & discipleship. It is about saying what we believe to be true and at the same time what we wish to be true for us (but may not always be the case). The first was on being a church with the Gospel in the centre. Our second is on being a people changed by grace. Again, I’d love your feedback – tweet me if you’re having problems leaving comments.

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When being good is not enough

Just recently I was discussing with a few friends about the reason, according to Christianity, why Jesus died on a cross. We talked, for some time, about the reality, extent and problem of human sin. We talked about goodness and our own sense of morality and righteousness and that it is quite common for people to think they are good people. But what if good, just isn’t good enough? What if the requirement was, well, fantastic? Are you fantastic? And if you are and you make it to fantastic, with your fantastic…

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Book Review: God’s Lavish Grace

According to CS Lewis the one unique thing about Christianity is ‘grace’, so perhaps there is nothing more important in living a Christ-like life than getting a really good firm grip on grace. And Terry Virgo’s God’s Lavish Grace is one of the best books available on grace. If I can illustrate it this way, I think Philip Yancey’s What’s So Amazing about Grace? is the best book that illustrates grace, the stories demonstrate grace beautifully. Just a wonderful book. Virgo’s book on the other hand teaches you about grace,…

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Bonhoeffer on: Cheap Grace

Dietrich Bonhoeffer is a hero of mine. His words about grace remain relevant still. This is from his famous The Cost of Discipleship. “The price we are having to pay today in the shape of the collapse of the organised church is only the inevitable consequence of our policy of making grace available to all at too low a cost.” and “We gave away the word and the sacraments wholesale, we baptised, confirmed and absolved a whole nation unasked and without condition. Our humanitarian sentiment made us give that which…

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Newday: Wednesday

Today was a quiet day for me, not much to do on the media front and the kids occupied themselves most of the time. I had a good chat with another elder from a church near ours, and caught up with a chap who I helped get a book contract. Both really encouraging and its great to catch up with people from around the country. The highlight of the day was the evening meeting – hundreds healed, hundreds giving their life to Jesus and hundreds more recommitting themselves to His…

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Book Review: Free of Charge

Miroslav Volf’s Free of Charge: Giving and Forgiving in a Culture Stripped of Grace is an excellent book. Forgiveness is such a tough issue to both understand and more importantly to practice. There are so many emotional barriers that we struggle with and as a pastor I see people still bound to the hurt that they have received, still trapped by their offender because forgiveness hasn’t yet been found. Volf does not shirk the difficult issues, his examples are as heart rending as any – a father forgiving the sniper…

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