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The Curiosity Index (22.09.2017)

What About the Pigs? We’re working through the Gospel of Mark at Grace Church and this week we’re at Mark 5. I’m expecting to use this answer from Richard Hays. Do you know the 7 differences between Galilee and Judea in the time of Jesus? There’s more

The Curiosity Index (20.09.2017)

Bible Contradictions Explained: 4 Reasons the Gospels “Disagree” It can be an easy target to say that the Gospels are ‘full of contradictions’ and this article gives you four reasons to take the sting out of that attack. An Experiment Gives Cash Aid To The

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The Curiosity Index (03.02.2015)

If you’re in the UK you may be aware of an important debate happening today in parliament with the headline grabbing three-parent babies. Peter Saunders asks five good questions. I think in an age of austerity where benefits are cut for the poorest it’s reasonable

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Book Review: What crucified Jesus?

I picked up this book by Jewish scholar Ellis Rivkin (who died earlier this year) for just 75 pence. I bought it for two reasons, primarily the preface by EP Sanders who said he thought, ‘the overall argument, is in my judgement, completely convincing.’ and

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Book Review: Total Church

Total Church is a provocative book and there’s much to commend it. There is much in common with the values of Newfrontiers the church family I belong to. This is a gospel centred book from The Crowded House church in Sheffield. They believe in extending

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Let's Go – Day Four

Flipping heck, it’s taken me nearly a week to complete this, where does the time go? I’m too busy posting comments on other people’s blogs, that’s my problem. Anyway Day Four was a great finale. We had John Cardinal and his family, from Bristol, with

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Book Review: They Like Jesus But Not the Church

I’ve just read They Like Jesus But Not The Church and I’m going to have do some experiments. Kimball’s theory based on a number of out-of-church experiences and conversations is that people are open to knowing more about Jesus but that more often than not

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I just read this news piece from the BBC that explains much of the reason for China building 2 new power plants a week is to satisfy the demands of western consumers. Everybody’s aim is to try and have their cake and eat it. To