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Convergence (3)

Here’s a few convergences noted from my blog reading while I’ve been away. Community – Tim Chester, Glen Scrivener, Christine Sine Treasures on earth or heaven? – McFlurry, Dave Bish, Tim Challies, Mark Meynell, NY Times What is the gospel? – Christianity Today, 9 Marks,

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Jesus wants the rose

Today is Good Friday, it’s good because on this day Jesus did what no one else could do and became a sin offering, taking my sin, your sin on himself. This short clip tells it powerfully. HT: JT

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Bonhoeffer on: The Big Question

This might get a little technical but it’s worth thinking about: “Hasn’t the individualistic question about personal salvation almost completely left us all? Aren’t we really under the impression that there are more important things than that question (perhaps not more important than the matter