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Seven ways our lives can tell the Gospel

I’ve often wondered how we should live our lives so that it declares the gospel. It’s too easy to fall into a check-box legalism that ends with all the joy sucked out of life as the burdens of rule-keeping eventually weigh you down. Too often churches

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This kind of love doesn't exist, does it?

My Dad sent me a newsletter recently and I was struck by an illustration he used so thought I’d reshare it here (apparently it was from the March issue of Evangelicals Now but I couldn’t find the online article there but found the full story

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Enjoy the gospel

This is an excellent presentation of the Gospel that I regularly use with people. It’s also in multiple languages and there’s an app. Of course there is.

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Gina Welch still doesn't know the Gospel

You may be wondering who the heck is Gina Welch? Let me explain, Gina Welch is an atheist who faked a conversion experience, got baptised, and spent two years at Thomas Road Baptist Church in America and then wrote a book about her experiences, which

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Why challenge consumerism?

I occasionally get frustrated at the relationship between the church and consumerism. On the one hand lots of our best authors, thinkers and leaders have named it and shamed it and on the other hand it seems to have made no change to the way

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I no longer need to be sin-infested

“I no longer need to be sin-infested, guilt-ridden, doubtful, fearful, ashamed, dirty, stained or kept away from the presence of the most Holy One. The blood of Jesus is above the door of my heart and is the banner of my life. I have been

Dead Brits and Living Americans

This is something that I’ve wondered about for a while in a “I should be thinking about something else” kind of way. It seems to me that American Christians and pastors are fascinated by dead British Christians while British Christians/pastors are fascinated by American pastors.

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Newday: Wednesday

Today was a quiet day for me, not much to do on the media front and the kids occupied themselves most of the time. I had a good chat with another elder from a church near ours, and caught up with a chap who I