The Curiosity Index (19.03.2018)

Is there a biblical defence of free speech? Paul Miller has a crack at making a case. Poland’s Sunday trading ban takes effect This is interesting. I’m generally in favour of people having a break from relentless consumerism. Russia and the Curse of Geography Given the unsurprising re-election of Vladimir Putin, I thought I’d share this article from a couple of years back that explains why Russia is involved in Ukraine & Syria for example. It’s taken from Tim Marshall’s excellent Prisoners of Geography. There’s a Remote Norwegian Town Where…

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A new famous Canadian: Jordan Peterson

I’m not sure how many famous Canadians I can think of but until last week Jordan Peterson wasn’t one of them. I’d been vaguely aware that few friends of mine knew of him and were reading him but that’s it. Then this happened. And then, in my blog feeds at least, he was everywhere. That video (a 30 minute interview on a news programme) has now been watched over 2.7 million times (at time of writing). That’s astonishing viewing figures for an interview with a Canadian academic over his latest…

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