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The Curiosity Index (20.09.2018)

Could God Forgive Even A “Deluded Monster” Like Rose West? John Stevens puts the scandal of the Gospel to the test against a mass murderer seeking forgiveness. The good news of the gospel is that forgiveness is available even for the worst of sinners. This

The Curiosity Index (06.08.2018)

Chris Pratt and taking our place on Schaeffer’s Staircase You may remember this video causing quite a stir some weeks back. The most thoughtful response to it, I thought, was this one. What was most striking to me though was the way it fitted so

The Curiosity Index (16.04.2018)

14 things you probably didn’t know about Christianity, but really should My guess is, you, probably do know all these things but this is a good example of trying to clear away misconceptions that many people do have. Stephen Lawrence’s father says he forgives his son’s

Don’t drink the poison

There is a lot that is wrong in the world – there always has been. The list of wrongs is long. From bombs in Paris, fear in Brussels, death in Burundi to the carnage in Syria in our increasingly interconnected world there is no escape. The corruption

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The Curiosity Index (13.03.2015)

The power of forgiveness and why you need to forgive Talking of the need forgiveness, do you care less about your sin than you used to? I enjoyed this story of the world’s smallest skyscraper And as the weekend is nearly here you may be giving

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This heavy cross

Today was one of new experiences for me. For the first time I took part in a walk of witness in my local area and for the first time I carried a cross. Over the course of an hour a good number of us from

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Newday: Wednesday

Today was a quiet day for me, not much to do on the media front and the kids occupied themselves most of the time. I had a good chat with another elder from a church near ours, and caught up with a chap who I