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The Curiosity Index (15.11.2018)

In North Korea, Missile Bases Suggest a Great Deception This news should surprise precisely no one. North Korea is moving ahead with its ballistic missile program at 16 hidden bases that have been identified in new commercial satellite images, a network long known to American

The Curiosity Index (09.11.2018)

Wasting your life is easier than you think Another good piece from the guys at Salt. The daily struggle to wrest myself free from a purely selfish view of things is never easy, and I frequently lose sight of any bigger picture other than the immediate

The Curiosity Index (03.05.2018)

The last man who knew everything A fascinating account of the incredibly prolific Sabine Baring-Gould. Well worth the 5-10 minutes it would take to read. Are You Addicted To Your Phone? (Take a Quiz to Find Out) I’m betting the answer is yes. Do not

The Curiosity Index (13.12.2017)

Should Christians be pro-Israel? In light of the recent developments & pronouncements in Israel, I found this interesting post from Ian Paul (first posted a couple of years ago but still in my to-read pile!). How close are we to states giving up their nuclear

The Curiosity Index (19.09.2017)

Nabeel Qureshi (1983-2017) Author and Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi has gone to be with His Saviour. Justin Taylor has a fine obituary. I have highly recommended his book. The Miracle of Dunkirk this would have been better had I posted when the film was just released

The Son of Man came…

Reading the introduction to Tim Chester’s excellent book A meal with Jesus was one of those moments where a little insight struck me with great force. It’s a lesson I’ve used many times since as I’ve sought to explain why food is so important in the life

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The Curiosity Index (07.04.2015)

Here is a collection of photos from Good Friday celebrations around the world. What struck me is how Christianity truly is a global faith. Talking of which, here are some statistics and comments on the continued growth of Christianity around the world. You may be one of those

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The Curiosity Index (24.02.2015)

We’ve been without the internet for the last 12 days (I’m coping remarkably well, thanks for asking) as a result of a fire in our neighbourhood. Anyway, that’s the reason that things have slowed up considerably on the blog over the last week or so.