I recently watched the remarkable film Calvary which has an outstanding central performance by Brendan Gleeson. He plays a Catholic priest who has been told in the confessional that he has a week to live. His unknown killer was abused as a child but now an innocent man will die in the guilty man’s place. The film tracks Father James through his week in a strange version of Holy Week. I should point out this is not a family film and it carries some strong language and adult themes but it…

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Film review: Chasing Ice

The fact that ice melts is not news to you, me or in fact anyone. The fact that much of the world’s ice is melting and melting fast, is news. Controversial and disputed news. Interest in the subject of climate change has waned even as extreme weather events have, seemingly, increased. Chasing Ice is the story of award-winning photographer James Balog and his efforts to record the movement of glaciers. He did this by positioning 25 time-lapse cameras in Iceland, Greenland and North America and then over several years recorded…

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What you've been reading (02/04/09) *updated*

The Bookends of the Christian Life by Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington is recommended by Tim Challies T-Wax reviews Lost in Transmission by Nicholas Perrin McFlurry has read John Grisham’s The Appeal Tim Chester has watched (note not a book) Rob Bell’s Everything is Spiritual DVD Jeremy has read Hot, Flat and Crowded by Thomas Friedman Matt Hosier has reviewed Total Church by Chester and Timmis (I reviewed it here)

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Black Gold

Last night I finally got round to watching Black Gold and if you drink coffee you must watch this film. I mentioned it back here where you can watch the trailer. The whole Fair Trade concept is not new but I personally struggle to conceive how any Christian worthy of the name could drink tea or coffee that is not fair trade. Hopefully someone will show them this film and change what they buy forever. There is no excuse any longer on grounds of taste, as the film adequately showed, fair trade…

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Amazing Grace: Book and Film

I said I’d comment on the film so it’s about time I did. Firstly, I loved it. If a story of a man giving his life to fight injustice as a result of his faith in God hadn’t inspired me or moved me to tears it would be have been a poor film indeed. Fortunately it wasn’t and by the end as the MPs stood to give William Wilberforce the longest standing ovation in the history of the House of Commons, I had tears rolling gently down my face. It…

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