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Social media, privacy & being a product

For years I’ve railed against the dangers of consumerism in which every aspect of our life is treated as a consumer experience and that life in all it’s wonder and mystery can be repackaged and sold to you. Consumerism as a means by which humans

The Curiosity Index (08.12.2017)

8 Signs Your Christianity Is Too Comfortable I think every now and then all Christians need to work through this list. Psalm 53 in Aramaic When Jesus and his disciples sang a Psalm together, it might have sounded a bit like this. The Consumerist Church of

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Bored of Facebook

I think the title just about sums it up really. A while ago I made some changes to how I used Facebook because I was aware I was using Facebook primarily to distract me from the tasks at hand. The net result being that I

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Think before you facebook

Facebook has become something of a fixture in life but I was beginning to question it’s privileged position in my life (in a similar way to questioning the place of the TV – which led to its eventual banishment). Then as I was fiddling around

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That was drastic

So I was looking into dealing with facebook and inadvertently deleted my profile. What An Idiot. Still let’s look at it positively, that solved the problem. Bit more radical than I intended though. So I now have a page for me. This is under construction

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Dealing with Facebook

A few days I began to write about tackling Facebook and I was sent these links to Michael Hyatt’s blog where he articulates his similar frustrations with the blue and white monster. Stop me from deleting my facebook account Followed by Re-thinking my facebook strategy