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The Curiosity Index (14.06.2018)

The Demise Of The Soul Of Evangelicalism Scot McKnight fires off some salvos about the decline of evangelicalism. Pride is no longer accorded those who faithfully read and teach the Bible, who glory in the cross of Christ, who preach conversions and transformations, and who

Evangelical smuggling disorder

Growing up as a Christian there weren’t many things going for you. The Friday night youth club was about it. Christian music and films were low quality rubbish and we had little to show or share with our friends that we could be proud of. But we did

The Curiosity Index (05.05.2015)

Evangelicalism sometimes gets a bad rap for being a shallow tradition, yet Matthew Milliner has found it surprisingly deep: All I really need to know I learned from evangelicalism Derek Rishmawy asks: what does it mean to be inclusive like Jesus? Well worth reading. This piece says

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Evangelicals, gender & homosexuality: part 2

I’m not sure how many posts on this blog could be seen as prophetic, but there’s reasonable grounds for seeing this one  (written just a week ago) as prophetic. Thanks Steve Chalke. I argued that those who have a justice hermeneutic regarding the issue of

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Evangelicals, homosexuality, gender & the media

Today The Independent newspaper in the UK published this piece on how some evangelicals are handling the thorny issue of homosexuality. Peter Ould does a good job of showing up some of the many inconsistencies and problems in the article. Peter’s blog by the way

The future of Evangelicals in Europe

I’ve been flicking through Patrick Johnstone’s The Future of the Global Church: History, Trends and Possiblities looking for clues as to the decline of the church here in Scandinavia as well as the rest of Europe. As Johnstone looks to the future he identifies five ministry

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Book Review: Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come by Christopher Catherwood  is an interesting but uneven look at the state of the Evangelical Christianity. It’s interesting because of the global perspective it offers and its rich appreciation of evangelical history. It’s uneven because of some the subject matters (a chapter

What does it mean to be evangelical?

When I was growing up our family attended an evangelical church. We knew it was because it was in the name. Broadstone Evangelical Church was even a member church of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches. The name was later change to Broadstone Baptist Church