How Christian is Europe?

I’ve lived in Europe nearly my whole life (except for one year in Africa), most of it in the UK and now a growing portion in Sweden where we are planting a church. I’ve recently been giving some thought to the situation of Christianity in Europe and decided to write a short series on it, sharing resources, need and some of the successes and challenges. The focus will be almost entirely on mainland Europe. The first challenge is to figure out exactly how ChristianEurope is in the first place and…

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The future of Evangelicals in Europe

I’ve been flicking through Patrick Johnstone’s The Future of the Global Church: History, Trends and Possiblities looking for clues as to the decline of the church here in Scandinavia as well as the rest of Europe. As Johnstone looks to the future he identifies five ministry challenges. See what you think: Ministry has been crippled by negativism after years of little fruit and a developing ‘minority complex.’ Where are the leaders of vision and faith? Aggressive secularists are marginalizing and even persecuting Evangelicals in particular. There is need for a holy…

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Book Review: Europe 1815-1945

I’m trying to read some of the books that have been hanging around for a while and this one was an old A-Level history text-book. So Europe 1815-1945 by Anthony Wood isn’t the most gripping of reads but remains fascinating nonetheless. Dealing with 130 years of European history inevitably means a big picture approach however the book would have benefited from fleshing out the lives and personalities of the more dominant figures (Metternich, Bismarck, Napoleon III, Tsar Nicholas, Kaiser Wilhelm, Emperor Francis Joseph, Cavour, Wilson, Churchill, Hitler, Lenin and Stalin…

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