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The refugee crisis & Christian hope: A response

Recently Reformation 21 posted an article by Alistair Roberts on the refugee crisis and while it contained many good things, there were a few things that I thought needed further discussion. In a similar vein, a recent post by Ian Paul also expressed unease about the general naive response

The rise and decline of faith

Much has been made recently of research that shows the world becoming both more secular and more religious. The growth of the secular or rise of the nones is expected to continue in Western Europe, America and Australia. The growth of the faithful is expected pretty much

Has God forgotten Europe?

It’s an interesting time to be a Christian and a person of faith; we live in tumultuous times. Faith is declining but also resurgent. Disappearing yet also bursting into life. Some non-believers are sufficiently emboldened to ask the question, ‘what comes after religion?’ Although not every atheist

Case study: Sweden

Following last week’s posts on Europe, I’ve decided to follow that up with a series on my adopted country Sweden. Before we get to more weighty issues, today is an overview of Sweden for those that don’t know very much about this country. Geography Sweden

Praying for Europe

It’s my personal conviction that Europe is seriously lacking in missional investment and church planting resources. The road to dealing with that begins in prayer. Here are some prayer points taken from Operation World. Biblical illiteracy is shockingly common considering the high levels of education

Why Europe matters

Europe has a significant Christian heritage but it no longer has a Christian present. The open question is what place will Christianity have in its future? There are many great gospel centred churches and movements hard at work all over the continent but is it

Europe: the challenges

I’m not talking about the parliament or the euro but, instead, about the church in Europe which faces challenges that are unique to this continent. The context is that of an overwhelmingly Christian shaped past but in a rapidly secularizing and pluralistic present that has

The decline of Christian Europe

The idea that Europe is no longer Christian is no surprise to anyone. Secularists have long been telling us that we no longer believe and church attendance would seem to bear that out. So how bad is it? Patrick Johnstone in The Future of the