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Don’t neglect communion

The second most popular post on my blog over the past ten years (and by quite some margin) is this one – Scriptures for Communion. When you add in the third most popular Invitations to the table not to mention Bread & Wine as a covenant meal, A

A neglected meal

We all know that communion is always theologically rich but often experientially poor while our sung worship can be the exact opposite. There are lots of reasons why that might be the case but I am frequently challenged to invest more into our practice of communion. Douglas

History, Eschatology and Community in the Lord’s Supper

In the entry on the Lord’s Supper in Roger Olson’s A-Z of Evangelical Theology he mentions Stanley Grenz’s attempt to ‘breathe new life into evangelical celebration of the Lord’s Supper.’ Grenz emphasized three elements history, eschatology and community. For him, the ordinance has three distinct orientations by

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Do evangelicals ignore the Lord's Supper?

I’m continuing to think through, the hows, whys and wherefores of the Lord’s Supper and what it might mean to be devoted to it (Acts 2:42). So I’ve begun by mining my bookshelves for insights and ideas, feel free to make suggestions. One of the