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When I Grow Up

It’s summer and I’m not posting at whatever my usual schedule is, but instead have a post a day to pique your interest. I’m going to attempt a blogging revival from September. This from Andrew Wilson. Whenever I teach on eschatology, someone asks me about sex. I get fairly passionate about the new creation, and do my best to paint it in vivid colours and present something of the joy and wonder we will experience when we get there. But someone—usually, in my experience, a young man—will always ask whether,…

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The Curiosity Index (21.04.2015)

‘Poor doors’ may be one of the latest signs of income inequality. This is interesting how a sense of material exclusion effects boys more than girls. March was the hottest month on record since 1880 just as the world shifts ever more to renewable energy. Too little, too late? Is there any significance to the four blood moons coinciding with major Jewish festivals? Probably not. This is why teasing a Gorilla is a bad idea.

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