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Where did Swedish schooling go wrong?

Tyler Cowen links to some new research about the Swedish education system.  Both of our children are in this system so it’s a pretty important issue for us and it doesn’t make for happy reading. The Swedish school system suffers from profound problems with teacher

In Sweden who raises the children?

Sweden is often praised and is proud of its family friendly policies. Parents receive 480 days parental leave per child and 60 of them can only be taken by the father. Use it or lose it. These days can be claimed as part days or whole

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The Curiosity Index (30.03.2015)

It’s something of a world tour this morning. First to Asia. If you’re ever tempted to complain about religious freedom in America or Europe, take a moment to consider the situation in Pakistan. Just for perspective. Here are ten reasons why learning another language is

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Book Review: The Trials of Theology

The Trials of Theology: Becoming a ‘proven worker’ in a dangerous business is a collection of essays from voices past and present aimed at keeping the student of theology in touch with the God who is the both the object and subject of our study.