The Curiosity Index (11.05.2018)

Pesha We’re running a regular evening for people who want to know more about Christianity and last night we had a fascinating discussion about sin and its seriousness. This morning I see that the Bible Project released a new video about the word ‘transgression’. Good stuff. 10 Years Since the Devastating 2008 Sichuan Earthquake I’ve also been working on a book where the author found himself in Sichuan directly after this earthquake. The city of Beichuan was then abandoned. The aftershocks in society have rippled on for the past ten years.…

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The Curiosity Index (28.04.2015)

When the earth moves and the ground shakes: What the earthquake in Nepal left behind. Tim Chester tells you how to argue with tempation: “The pleasures of sin are real, but pleasing God is much sweeter.” Anthony Le Donne gives some background to summing up the law and the prophets: Summation of the Torah – Hillel and Jesus If you want to win at hangman you need to know the hardest word to guess And this video shows why not everything is easy as riding a bike. Especially riding a bike.

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