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How Many Christians?

Philip Jenkins asks, ‘how many Christians were there in the year 200?‘ and the answer is not very many. At least not when you consider the population of the Roman Empire. For the sake of argument, let us suggest a global Christian population of perhaps

The Curiosity Index (16.01.2018)

How Early Christians Managed to Offend Just about Everybody A good post here from Michael Kruger and a key lesson for today’s church. Why Norwegians Aren’t Moving to the U.S. I’m not quite sure why President Trump thinks Sweden is going to hell but Norway

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Christians, the early church & child abuse

One of the great tragedies of our day is that the church (and I use that in its widest form) has increasingly become known as a place where children have been abused. There are too many scandals, too much secrecy, too many cover ups of abusers

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Book Review: Cities of God

How did Christianity move from being a provincial movement in Palestine to the leading religion of the Roman Empire? This is the question the historian Rodney Stark sets out to answer and along the way challenges a number of well-established myths. Was the missionary activity

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The scandalous church

The early Christians mixed people from different races and classes in ways that seemed scandalous to those around them. — Timothy Keller (@timkellernyc) February 18, 2014

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In my church, it's unimaginable to have meetings and not sing. In the NT church, it was unimaginable to have meetings and not break bread. — Andrew Wilson (@AJWTheology) February 27, 2013