The Curiosity Index (19.09.2018)

The unlikely rise of China’s ‘boss Christians’ Fascinating. The concentration of Protestant Christian entrepreneurs and their financial influence in the city has also led to unusually strong house churches with good connections to local government. Here, ‘boss Christians’ preach in the factory or the office as well as at church, encourage their workers to attend prayer meetings and Bible studies on site, and use their business relationships with the party-state to smooth the way for church operations. How Reformed Churches Are Growing on the Arabian Peninsula In the city of…

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The Curiosity Index (06.03.2015)

Do you know the difference between a fact and an opinion and are there such things as moral facts? Most children don’t think so. Every year China has the single greatest movement of people on the planet during the 40 days around the turn of Chinese year. It is also the means by which the gospel is spreading throughout China. You may hear a lot of talk about deflation but have no idea why it’s important. The Economist explains why prices going down is worse than prices going up. We’ve probably…

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