Sex, porn, marriage & divorce

I was trying to think of a snappy title and I couldn’t so I just put all the key words in the headline. But it also captures a simple fact that all four are a feature of modern life whether we like it or not and they are all increasingly tangled up. Let’s start with pornography which is freely available in vast quantities to anyone who wants to look at it. Here are a few reasons why (without referring to the Bible) that we should be wary of porn. The…

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The Curiosity Index (18.01.2018)

This is not a real church Tony Payne does a thought experiment on what is the essential essence of ‘church’ Bolivia Makes Evangelism a Crime The headline is a little misleading but a very ambiguous new penal code means it could be interpreted that way if the government wanted. The happy divorce This is part of the changing reality of modern relationships. They have abandoned the idea that marriage ideally should be life-long. As a Swedish article said  “Vi har långsamt fått ett annat synsätt på monogami och att leva…

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The Curiosity Index (03.03.2015)

Here’s a good question to open up with: Do you like God? Three important bits of marriage advice and how a marriage counsellor can tell if you’re heading for divorce Randy Alcorn answers the question on should Christians use credit cards and has some good simple rules if you do Food banks have become something of a phenomenon in the UK in the last few years but here is an interesting idea of a better alternative to foodbanks Lastly this past winter has been very mild in Stockholm. So for those of you who…

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Consumer links

I’ve had a pile of newspaper clippings on our dining table for a while now, and in order for them to bug my wife no longer I’m finally sorting them out. No time for comments but each article is worth a look. Saw an ad, made me go to this website Starbucks and Fairtrade – it’s a love in The Guardian’s economics editor Larry Elliott reminds us why in this global financial crisis we mustn’t forget the poor Can’t stop thinking about money. Difficult isn’t it? A new way to…

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Book Review: Remarriage After Divorce in Today’s Church (3 Views)

I’ve decided to make a slight adjustment in regards to the content of this blog. I have a clear focus on Christian responses to consumerism and the rediscovery of a richer way of life and I think I’ll keep it that way, for the most part. However I’ve spent years writing book reviews for the magazine I used to edit and as a church leader I read much more widely than simply on issues of generosity etc…So I’ve decided to widen the scope in just this area, partly to serve…

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