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Creating a Culture of Discipleship

For a talk on how to create a culture of discipleship (starts about 7 minutes in) I recommend this by Matt Hatch – there are good notes below. He covers topics including: Discipleship is Fundamental Discipleship Facilitates Mission Be a Disciple Yourself Know Your Story How God

5 Ways To Equip Disciples as Gospel Ministers

Yesterday I shared Jeff Vanderstelt’s 6 questions to assess your disciple-making culture, one of which was whether in your church everyone sees themselves as a gospel minister? Here are Jeff’s 5 Ways To Equip Disciples as Gospel Ministers He begins with this challenge If you are

Living in a XXX culture

Growing up and living in the evangelical sub-culture, pornography has always been presented as one of the great evils. Yet pornography and its current mass availability worries far more than just those from a conservative religious viewpoint. It’s mass availability it proving a problem for lots

Book Review: Saturate

Making disciples has always been the mission of the church yet today it sometimes seems as if we have a discipleship crisis. A number of factors have given rise to this – churches that treat members as consumers or worse customers, Christians that seem unchanged by their

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The Curiosity Index (27.06.2015)

Start with the most important: Glen Scrivener tells youthworkers to STOP telling their youth to give their life to Jesus This map shows you how Europe’s population has moved and grown in the first ten years of the 21st century If you’ve decided to give

The importance of your home

I recently wrote about the lost art of hospitality and how it is an essential for church planting, so it’s vital we realise the importance of how we think about our homes. In this video Steve Timmis and Dhati Lewis talk about why ‘my home is

A brief guide to missional communities

As a church, we’re working on building the church through missional communities. They’re a bit like small groups, they’re a bit like house churches but aren’t really either. There’s already movements, networks, conferences, books about how to be missional and leading, starting and multiplying missional