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Foundational habits

There are some little actions that done very day can make a big difference to your quality of life. These actions are mostly not difficult, nor require much money or effort. See not difficult at all. Yet these can make a profound difference to your day and if you don’t do them, you really do notice the difference. A few years ago I started drinking water as soon as I woke up. The rehydration and positive effect I felt in my body was almost instant (and there are lots of…

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The BIG resource on discipleship, mission & church

I’ve been collecting resources on church planting, discipleship and mission and I’ve decided the best way to use them is to just put them all into one resource page. Admittedly a lot (but not all) come from Saturate – so you could just go there, but not all of them. Hopefully you’ll find it useful and I’ll try and update it as I find new useful stuff. Mission Framework for Missional Christianity An 11 part series by Alan Hirsch Recovering Missional Moxie An 8 part series from Alan Hirsch 10 contentions about Christian pioneering…

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The Curiosity Index (12.11.2018)

‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens For the past few years, whenever a mass shooting occurs in the US that gets wide press coverage, the satirical news site The Onion runs an article with this headline written by Jason Roeder: “‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens”. The reason they only do it when a shooting gets big coverage is that there have been 307 mass shootings so far this year and if they covered every one, about half of The Onion’s…

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Jude’s 7 instructions for Christians

Jude is a short and punchy little letter that is often overlooked as people get to the end of the Bible and get all excited by the apocalypse. But Jude contains some words for all times and definitely for our time. In Jude: 18-19  he warns there will be ‘scoffers who follow ungodly passions’. Well that’s not hard to see. ‘Worldly people who cause division’ and who as a result are devoid of the Spirit. Again not to difficult to see examples of that either. Then in Jude 20-23 he…

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The Curiosity Index (05.02.2018)

Don’t Be A Shrub Some good biblical meditation from my friend Adam Belle here on Jeremiah 17. Read it and resolve in your heart not to be a shrub. Irish border after Brexit: an expert on Norway-Sweden explains how to keep things smooth It doesn’t have to be complicated, although it probably will be. In 2011 Preston hit rock bottom. Then it took back control This example of a regional town investing locally makes a lot of sense. I think we’ll see more towns following this example. Encouraging. ‘Forget walking 10,000 steps a day’…

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The importance & challenges of creating culture in a church plant

Church planting can be tough and making disciples is hard work. You can read about methods & models and it can sound easy and exciting but it the reality is often different. It takes graft, patience, perseverance. Blood, sweat and prayers basically. One of the big challenges for a small team is creating a culture that everyone buys into and that helps you fulfil your mission. Here are some of the challenges I’ve personally encountered: Distance. Being spread out over a city makes creating a common culture harder because getting together is much more…

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