The Curiosity Index (returns) – 24.06.2015

After an inexcusably long and unexplained absence the curiosity index returns (cue fanfare and much rejoicing). The Economist explains why gun control isn’t coming to America anytime soon (something that baffles pretty much everybody else). The Onion says pretty much the same thing but with less explanation. On an equally cheery note scientists believe we’re entering earth’s sixth great phase of extinction, and this one is our fault. And one more to make you think this really is the apocalypse – some amazing photos of volcanic activity in 2015. On…

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The Curiosity Index (27.03.2015)

Matt Hosier has an excellent article on The Power of Shame Here is what Sweden’s generous parental leave looks like for men. The sad fact is that by the time these children are 17 a third of them won’t be living with one of the parents. Still it’s nice to have some time with your children. Sticking with Scandinavia, a tunnel was proposed between Helsinki & Tallinn. Apparently it’s not a mad idea despite costing at least $10bn. I like this project by designer Lucas Heinrich to design book covers…

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The Curiosity Index (24.02.2015)

We’ve been without the internet for the last 12 days (I’m coping remarkably well, thanks for asking) as a result of a fire in our neighbourhood. Anyway, that’s the reason that things have slowed up considerably on the blog over the last week or so. I’m using the free library wi-fi (libraries are great). Anyway here are some linksĀ to keep you from your work šŸ˜‰ Archbishop Cranmer skewers the opposition to the UKĀ amendment to clarify the abortion law that abortion on the grounds of gender is illegal. London has seen…

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