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The Curiosity Index (23.12.2018)

Ten Commandments of Jesus From Adrian Warnock I have spent the whole of 2018 with a key focus in my mind as much as my health journey with a blood cancer has allowed. A single goal. Which I expressed at the beginning of the 2018 as my

The Curiosity Index (11.05.2018)

Pesha We’re running a regular evening for people who want to know more about Christianity and last night we had a fascinating discussion about sin and its seriousness. This morning I see that the Bible Project released a new video about the word ‘transgression’. Good

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Simply Links (16.03.2015)

OK as you can see I’m road-testing a new name for these type of articles. Feedback would be appreciated. [poll id=”3″] So to today’s links: Andrew Wilson on the clarity of scripture Leslie Newbigin’s tips for church planters Mark Meynell on a book he never

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Mental illness

Following on from the post on depression I came across this post about mental illness which links to a new blog on the topic. If you’re interested follow it up

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Is Depression a Sin?

Tim Chester responds to the above question… “Depression can have a number of underlying causes – guilt, disappointment, trauma, bereavement, betrayal and so on. (Depression is sometimes linked to chemical imbalances in the brain, but medical science is unclear which is cause and which is