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The Curiosity Index (24.05.2019)

Hello. It’s been a while. Our Father’s Voice I liked this from Emma Scrivener. “God’s words versus mine. But Faith says ‘I am not my feelings.”  Faith says, “Let it be to me according to Your word!” (Luke 1:38).” He Paid The Debt They Would Have Had

The Curiosity Index (11.01.2018)

The Top 50 Countries Where It’s Most Dangerous to Follow Jesus It might be getting harder to be a Christian in the secular west but while not exclusively true but it is also very clear – the most dangerous place for a Christian to live

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What about…*updated*

A while ago I read my friend Dave’s account of the impact of a talk I gave, and he listed the questions I posed that night, I’ve turned those questions into a series of posts which I’ve now finished. Here’s the complete set Questions of

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This should make you mad

It made me mad, really mad. Make sure you read the last paragraph which sums up the idiocy of our banks (or in this case US banks but ours are probably worse). Come on, somebody find me a capitalist somewhere to justify this. They might

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What about how we approach debt?

Now seems like an appropriate time to write a post that deals with the issue of debt. Inflation at it’s highest in ages, recession seems inevitable, banks and financial institutions that once seemed invincible are crashing to the dust, airlines and travel companies going bust,

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A Nation Indebted

But I don’t mean thankfulness… head over to Make Wealth History and follow some of the threads form this post on a nation in debt. For a different angle on the debt debate, read this article from the Beeb