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A diabolical democracy

I’ve just finished listening to The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis (read wonderfully by Joss Ackland). Some years later Lewis added a sort of postscript known as Screwtape Proposes a Toast. In it through the voice of Screwtape Lewis skewers democracy with prophetic power.   What I

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Book Review: The Great Divorce

So after Love Wins the next book I picked up was CS Lewis’ The Great Divorce. Why because Bell cites him as a source, because it seems that their views are very similar. Quite a few people have noticed this so there’s been a little

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CS Lewis and Rob Bell: it's not just me

In this post I wondered about the link between CS Lewis, Rob Bell and Tim Keller. There is admittedly not much that seems to link Keller and Bell but on hell the link is CS Lewis. This post shows that the link between Bell and

Do Rob Bell, Tim Keller and CS Lewis agree on hell?

In 2011 the debate of the year amongst Christian bloggers was over hell and the views put forward by Rob Bell in his book ‘Love Wins’. But do other, less controversial, leaders also share Bell’s view on hell? Quite possibly. That would change the controversy