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A word of encouragement for Courage

As I prepared for the Courage Conference, I spent some time reflecting on the times God spoke to people calling them to have courage and not to be afraid. I shared this during one of the main sessions. Afterwards several people asked for a copy.

The Curiosity Index (17.04.2018)

I’m in the UK for two days of theological discussion around suffering and the sacraments. Expecting my brain to freeze up about half way. Boy Who Came Back From Heaven author sues book’s Christian publisher Messy. For my take on heaven tourism books from a

The Curiosity Index (05.01.2018)

Christmas violence and arrests shake Indian Christians I don’t know how your Christmas was but it probably wasn’t like this. While lots of us in safe countries are focused on productivity, life goals and so on that for many Christians life is lived under constant pressure.

Not scared of life

Some time ago we had some friends over for dinner and I asked them to ask each other one question during each course. I asked my Chinese friend, what he noticed about Christians and his answering was both encouraging and challenging. Amongst things like being nice

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The Curiosity Index (12.02.2015)

Derek Rishmawy has a good piece on about being careful about being too careful about what you read (in other words discernment in your reading). Andrew Wilson offers a good rejoinder to Scot McKnight about the nature of courage in the public sphere Pew Research has

The courage to think differently

Some months ago I was in the Nobel museum in Stockholm. It was inspiring to read the stories and achievements of some of the greatest thinkers, writers, scientists, chemists, medical experts and peacemakers over the past 100 years or so. Many I’ve never heard of