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The Curiosity Index (30.11.2017)

Art story of the day I did not know this, but I think it’s great. How Skilled Copyists Leave the Louvre with a Masterpiece Every Year Rebuke of the day This one is actually from a couple of weeks back, but as the story is still

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Don't forget Haiti

Haiti will soon be disappearing from the headlines (if it hasn’t already). Watch this video and if you haven’t already given. Please consider doing so I badgered the government about cancelling Haiti’s debts, you can read their response here and the actions of the UK

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The reward of kindness

On Christmas Day, with some kind friends from around the churches in town, we hosted a Christmas dinner for people who would for a variety of reasons be on their own. In the end there were about 100 of us from aged 1 to 96!

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A new definition of a one car family

Ukraine, like so many other countries is broken. It’s economy is on its knees and that’s the least of its problems. 20% of the population suffer from some form of mental distress, it’s population is rapidly declining and vodka is the best friend of too

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Square Mile (update)

The EA have launched Square Mile and given some links for leaders. To go along with this are a couple of articles on ministries of mercy including this one from Tim Keller

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My Christmas Day

Yesterday was a great day. One of the things we do as a church is take part in Soul Purpose with other Christians around the town, for the past few years it’s been a weekend event in May (gardening, fun days, community events etc…). Earlier