The Curiosity Index (30.11.2017)

Art story of the day I did not know this, but I think it’s great. How Skilled Copyists Leave the Louvre with a Masterpiece Every Year Rebuke of the day This one is actually from a couple of weeks back, but as the story is still going on I thought I could get away with it. Anthony Le Donne throws the knock-out blow to anyone trying to defend Roy Moore by comparing it to Joseph and Mary. Historically speaking, Zeigler’s statement is in error. Literarily and theologically speaking, Zeigler’s statement is perverted.…

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Christian Living 

One simple way to understand God’s heart for the poor

At the start of the year Andrew Wilson laid out some questions he hoped to find better answers to during 2015. One of his questions was about getting some clarity about the issue of poverty. He noted that, the Bible talks more about poverty and justice, and less about quite a few other things, than we might expect Indeed it does. Many years ago I asked the same question. So long ago in fact, that there were no smartphones or Bible software to help me. Yet I found my method so strikingly…

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The reward of kindness

On Christmas Day, with some kind friends from around the churches in town, we hosted a Christmas dinner for people who would for a variety of reasons be on their own. In the end there were about 100 of us from aged 1 to 96! Today I received this kind letter. It’s ample reward for a day I thoroughly enjoyed, celebrating the birth of Christ (in what is for me a more appropriate manner). Here’s the main body of the letter: “I felt I wanted to write and say many…

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A new definition of a one car family

Ukraine, like so many other countries is broken. It’s economy is on its knees and that’s the least of its problems. 20% of the population suffer from some form of mental distress, it’s population is rapidly declining and vodka is the best friend of too many. In too many places it’s a bleak vision of industrial decay. Like many of its roads the nation has too many holes in its collective soul. Amongst all this trouble are stories of hope. Igor is a pastor and a friend and recently he…

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My Christmas Day

Yesterday was a great day. One of the things we do as a church is take part in Soul Purpose with other Christians around the town, for the past few years it’s been a weekend event in May (gardening, fun days, community events etc…). Earlier in the year we decided it would be a good idea to do something on Christmas Day. Dinner for 120 it is then. So families volunteered on mass and we began asking people who would otherwise be on their own to come and join us…

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