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When a pastor should cry

Now I’m not particularly known for being the sentimental sort but there are a few times when shedding a tear or two is appropriate and fitting. I guess if one is publicly repenting of sin and misconduct that would be appropriate but that’s not what

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Trueman is on my bandwagon

It’s not often I’m going to be able to say that but I think I can now and with some justification. You see Carl Trueman has jumped, Jonny come lately like, on to a bandwagon I jumped on more than two years ago. Of course

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Two percent

Over the last few days at Hope Church we’ve been challenged and burdened by statistics. The facts are these: there are around 15,000 people in our area and there are around 300 regular churchgoers. That’s 2%. It’s compounded by the census information which says around

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It’s quite a common thing for churches to go away for a weekend and last weekend we did so together with friends from seven other Newfrontiers churches; Together @ Borderlands. I’ve been to more than a few of these over the years but this is

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Congregationalism and the devil

Not too long ago in one of my many link postings I mentioned this piece by Steve Holmes who made a firm rebuttal to comments made my Mark Driscoll about the congregational form of church government. (You can find links to a couple of responses

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Gathering to the presence of Jesus

In this short video Terry Virgo is interviewed about what it means to be a reformed charismatic. A few minutes in he talks about church and uses this phrase that just thrills me that church is a spirit-filled community ‘gathering to the presence of Jesus’.

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The Big Red Tractor

The more I read and hear about Francis Chan, the more I like what I see. I’m praying God would make our church ‘unstoppable’. (HT: Jared Wilson) http://vimeo.com/7152556

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Book Review: Nine Marks of a Healthy Church

It’s been a while since I finished Mark Dever’s Nine Marks of a Healthy Church but it deserves a review. Aimed at church leaders Dever deals with areas he feels has been largely forgotten. These include expository preaching, biblical theology, the Gospel, a biblical understanding