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A starved, skinny, under-nourished form of hospitality

Recently a number of posts on hospitality have shown up in my blog feed. Discussions about scruffy hospitality or discovering that hospitality is about friendship not impressing people and learning that it really isn’t about entertaining. Yet there’s something about all of them, commendable though they are, that makes me a little sad. I think it’s a sad reflection over the state of the church where we have embraced a starved, skinny and under-nourished form of hospitality instead of the more robust Biblical version. As Leanna Shepard argues in this post about gospel-driven hospitality If…

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A challenging day

Last Saturday I took part in a sponsored challenge for a small charity, BreadTrust.Starting at 6am, 13 of us swam 1/2 mile, cycled 80 miles (beautiful journey from Shrewsbury to Lake Vyrnwy and back) and then walked 20 miles over the Shropshire Hills. I finished at 9.30pm. You can see more photos by clicking on the photo below. My knees suffered in a good cause, so if anyone would like to give, just let me know or send a cheque to the address found on the BreadTrust website. Bread Challenge

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Charity the new rock and roll?

We all know and admire the efforts of Bono and Bob who have given helping the poor some much needed glamour. Now big business is on board with Buffett (warren) and Bill (gates) leading the way. Now according to the Observer the rich just can’t get enough of giving their money away.Read Heather Connon’s article here Now I don’t know about you but it seems that to me there must be something slightly screwy about our world that it works in such a way that people can become so rich…

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