Profiling the Personnel

In his book Reaching the Nations Mike Frisby helps churches work with people who are engaged in cross-cultural mission. In the chapter ‘profiling the personnel’ Mike says: While the old saying still holds true that “availability is more important than ability” and Scripture teaches that “the Lord chooses the weak to confound the strong”, nevertheless, there are some basic qualities one is looking for in those offering themselves for cross-cultural work. (See Judges 6:11-16, 1 Samuel 16:1-13, 1 Corinthians 1:26-31) Good training can develop character and skills, and good teaching can rectify a…

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The Curiosity Index (16.01.2018)

How Early Christians Managed to Offend Just about Everybody A good post here from Michael Kruger and a key lesson for today’s church. Why Norwegians Aren’t Moving to the U.S. I’m not quite sure why President Trump thinks Sweden is going to hell but Norway is so great but there you go. Anyway Norway seems to be doing OK. Renewables are about to become our cheapest form of energy “2018 will finally mark a shift in our use of global energy. [This] year will see onshore wind and solar energy…

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Christian Living 

Discipleship = maturity

The new life of the kingdom has two different effects. There is what the Gospel does in us and then what the Gospel produces through us. What happens in us is that we grow in Christ-likeness. What happens through us is that we grow in fruitfulness that produces a harvest. I’m becoming convinced that you cannot mature if you do not multiply but you cannot multiply well if you are not mature. What does the Bible say about maturity? Col 1:28 & Col 4:12 – Epaphras prays for maturity and Paul…

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Church Featured Posts 

Church planting essentials: Perseverance

Previously in this ad-hoc series I wrote about the importance of patience in the heart of a church planter but took a moment to separate patience from perseverance. Perseverance is that quality that keeps you walking when you turn into a headwind, keeps you going when you’re faced with trials and battles. It is determination to not give up or go back. In other seasons of life perseverance becomes just stubbornness. In this post I want to unpack perseverance a little more. I’m fairly confident that all church leaders see the…

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For Good Self-Control, Try Getting Religious About It

That’s the headline of a NY Times article about the connection between self-control and religion. The religious tend to do better in school, live longer, have more satisfying marriages and be generally happier. The article reckons the results are ‘ascribed to the rules imposed on believers and to the social support they receive from fellow worshippers.’ Of course, self control is a fruit of the spirit according to Gal 5:22-25, something that is put within us by God and encouraged and developed in the church. So for a better life…

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